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Pink Mangano Mini Tower


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Mangano Calcite, also known as Pink Calcite, is a Reiki Stone. It is a deep healer across space and time and brings self-love, a capacity for nurturing, and healing on all levels, physical and etheric. Mangano Calcite is a stone of peace and well-being.

  • Measurement – 2-3″ or 5-7CM
  • Fair Trade
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Pink Mangano Calcite helps to lift tension from anxiety, lingering pain, or trauma. Helping to promote peace, tranquility, and a more calm state of mind, this pretty light or dark pink stone is commonly used in massage and meditation.

Meaning & Energy

This special calcite variety promotes inner peace, compassion, pure love, joy, and self-healing vibrations. This is a true healer of the heart, one is able to push forward through any lingering trauma or pain that may have gone unresolved. The energies of Mangano Calcite allow one to find resolution while extinguishing the negative filled emotions within. One can then reach a sense of harmony and learn to achieve mental peace when utilizing the rejuvenating effects of this heavenly stone.

The most valued energy that this mineral gives off is that of self-comfort and love. One will slowly learn to become more comfortable with themselves and who they are each day. Mangano Calcite shows on the type of person they truly are once all the layers of themselves are peeled back. Becoming familiar with your true self is the gateway for one to find complete and pure happiness. This mineral gracefully reveals your spirit while bringing about a sense of security and confidence in knowing the real you. One’s subconscious mind begins to reflect this self-image and slowly develops your path to total enlightenment.

Mangano Calcite, otherwise known as Pink Mangano Calcite, is a pink stone that is helpful for relaxation, meditation, and renewing your mind. A member of the Calcite family, this stone is a manganese calcium carbonate mineral. Although its primary color is pink, you’ll also see white dispersed throughout the crystal. Sometimes, the white coloration will look like a band. The stone can range in color from very light pink to a darker pink, and often with white inclusions.

The pink Mangano Calcite crystal was first found in Banská, Štiavnica, Slovakia by a German mineralogist and professor in the year 1846. Today, most Mangano Calcite you’ll find in the market comes from various parts of the world where natural minerals thrive. These include the countries of Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Mexico, Peru, Madagascar, Australia, and Japan.

When purchasing this crystal, be sure to be choosy about where you buy from to ensure the stones you receive are authentic. A common confusion or misconception is that Mangano Calcite and Pink Calcite are the exact same, and are often sold on the market as the same crystal. However, they are different. More on the similarities and differences between them below.


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