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Crystal Powder Pipe


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Description. Refined mana crystals are used to craft powerful equipment. Consuming this powder restores mana, burnt mana, and burnt stamina. However, it burns maximum health until one sleeps again.
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Rose Quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing, and feelings of peace. Calming and reassuring, it helps to comfort in times of grief. Rose Quartz dispels negativity and protects against environmental pollution, replacing it with loving vibes.

The other name for which Rose Quartz is known as The Heart Stone. As mentioned, Rose Quartz is intricately connected to the heart chakra, and this crystal is often used in helping the heart heal from the pain or trauma left by deep emotional wounds. Rose Quartz is also a calling card for those who crave more love in their lives. This doesn’t always need to take the form of romantic love, but more in finding a deep sense of compassion and care in this world – especially if it comes from one of the most essential sources which can bring it – oneself.

  • Helps heal emotional wounds
  • Invites more compassion and care

Along with working wonders when it comes to soulful healing, Rose Quartz boasts beautiful healing properties for the body too. In keeping with its theme of being a heart healer, Rose Quartz can help to prevent thrombosis and heart attacks, improve the circulatory system, and ensure that your heart muscles are as smooth and strong as possible.

There’s a long history of mothers to be turning to the potent power of Rose Quartz throughout their pregnancy. Rose Quartz is said to help protect the mother and unborn child from problems within pregnancy thanks to its deep feminine energy. For new mothers, Rose Quartz is a kindly stone to have close by as it is said to help curate unbreakable bonds and lets the love energy flow like a fountain.

  • Helps improve circulation and boosts heart health
  • Good for pregnancy

If your heart chakra feels blocked you may experience signs of unhealthy behavior when it comes to relationships. Maybe you will lean more towards co-dependence, be quick to jealousy, have little trust in yourself or others, and often feel unwilling or unworthy enough to give yourself to the grace of love. One of the most stunning Rose Quartz healing properties is its ability to crack open the heart and put you back in alignment so you feel connected, comforted, and open to all the possibilities that a joyous life can bring.

Another beautiful benefit of Rose Quartz is her deep vibration and attunement to the goddess’s energy. Rose Quartz is connected with the feminine divine, meaning that it carries the aura of compassion and peace and the warmth of mothering – all with the superior strength of spirit. If you feel you need to learn how to self-soothe, be healed by your own hands, and uplift your own potential into the goddess sphere, then Rose Quartz is a path that will take you there.

  • Encourages connection
  • Attunes to goddess energy


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