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Yellow Fluorite Pipe


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Yellow Fluorite, also called Golden Fluorite, is a crystal of unity, intellect and creativity. It increases understanding, logic and intellectual ability, while boosting one’s imagination and resourcefulness.
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Yellow Fluorite is a stone heralded for its spiritual detoxification abilities and tendency to transform negative energy into positive energy, boosting our mental clarity and promoting peace of mind.

When it comes to your emotional well-being it’s important to remember that Yellow Fluorite takes its name from the word Flux. This stone is all about being in tune with yourself and finding your own flow. When we are in flux with the world around us and soft in our flow, we are able to move through the world with the clarity of the water. We can think straight, we can be clear with ourselves, and we can make decisions based on this sense of clear-headed thinking. For anyone who struggles with fence-sitting, Fluorite is here to fill in those gaps of self-assured thinking, putting you in a place where you feel better equipped to make balanced and wise choices.

What we love about Yellow Fluorite is the fact that it knows how to balance beautifully. It keeps you grounded which helps you feel safe and stable, but it also invites you to leap a little higher, think outside the box, say yes to your creative side, and soak yourself in a healing white light that hums a tune to your heart.

Along with clarity for the mind, Fluorite also loves bringing purity and clean health to the body. It’s a great stone for those who are wanting to detox as its energy is all about flushing out toxic thoughts, patterns, and behaviors including addictive issues too. Thanks to all its endless clean energy, Fluorite is also known as a great antiviral stone. When turned to at the beginning of viral symptoms, it can be used to help flush the body of infection before things take a turn.

For any bone-related issue or problem with joints and tissue, Fluorite is also here to heal. It has been known to be particularly effective with problems like rheumatism and arthritis and is here to restore mobility issues and bring you back to the beauty of full and flourishing health.


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