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Lite Honey Calcite Tower


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Honey Calcite is believed to increase feelings of self-worth, confidence, courage, and assists us to overcome obstacles. It is helpful for learning of all types and developing skills.

  • Measurement – 5″ or 12CM
  • Fair Trade
  • Quality Guaranteed


Honey Calcite teaches us understanding and use of power. It may encourage responsibility in leadership and is thought to help with recovering from abusive situations. Honey Calcite is believed to increase feelings of self-worth, confidence, and courage, and assists us to overcome obstacles.

Honey Calcite is a powerful spiritual cleanser that amplifies the vibrations of other gemstones put around. If you hang one in an area, it will clear the air of all toxicity and increase your bodily vitality. This stone is helpful for physiological illness treatment since it continually eliminates toxic frequencies from the atmosphere and astral planes.

Feelings and Emotional Healing

Honey Calcite offers a calming element that might help you relax when you’re stressed or burdened by your duties or emotions. It assists us in recognizing how much we have built in our lives and making changes whenever we need to care. It affirms our feelings and demonstrates that we may manage them for our benefit. It helps us be in charge of our emotions and develop solid and appropriate limits with everyone.

This stone has a powerfully uplifting vibration that encourages bravery and self-assurance. It allows us to find comedy in circumstances that may appear serious at some look, allowing us to correct whatever excesses that may bring us mental anguish.

Honey Calcite is beneficial to persons who are recovering from trauma. It reduces stress and repairs mental damage from violence so that you can develop happiness and fitness. It enables individuals to harness the good qualities of everyday existence and assists in breaking the pattern of cruelty that typically happens in these circumstances.


Honey Calcite is ideal for people who have trouble recalling and storing information. By boosting mental energy, it develops mental alertness and aids in the development of deeper comprehension. It is known as the Mind Stone because it promotes a perception of understanding and awareness.

Honey Calcite also promotes mental sharpness by removing collected vitality that prevents you from reasoning, comprehending, or coming up with fresh ideas. This lovely gemstone brings you closer to a greater degree of emotional intellect, allowing you to consider more constructively.


Disclaimer: While gemstones are promoted as our guide in life, it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor for serious medical problems.

It is often utilized to treat the urethra and lungs on a scientific level. It could also help with a particular problem with a woman’s sexual system. Honey Calcite is believed to help in the maintenance of human innate immunity. You could also use it to offset the impact of highly resistant or immune-deficiency drugs, whether taken on an everyday basis. Honey Calcite may effectively safeguard you and the people you care about from being unwell. If you’re constantly battling apart one virus or contagious infection after the next, it could find a way to keep disease at bay.

Wearing Honey Calcite

During meditation, you employ Honey Calcite to calm your feelings and clear your thoughts of impurities. Positive thoughts can also help to boost the stone’s potent and refreshing powers. It is essential to wear it as a necklace and keep it close to you to maintain the highest frequency and elevated sense of becoming.


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