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Creatures of Clarity


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According to metaphysical beliefs, serpentine provides a clearing of thought to better facilitate meditation. Serpentine is said to clear clouded areas of the chakras and stimulate the crown chakra, promoting spiritual understanding and psychic abilities.
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According to metaphysical beliefs, serpentine provides a clearing of thought to better facilitate meditation. Serpentine is said to clear clouded areas of the chakras and stimulate the crown chakra, promoting spiritual understanding and psychic abilities.

Overall, Serpentine is capable of realigning our entire chakra system and acts as a driving force in altering our current life path. Serpentine has a unique rooting with nature and is said to help contact interdimensional beings. We suggest mediating outside to experience the earthen channeling effect that Serpentine emits. While attempting to ascend your consciousness you must take into account the life force energy that is around us. We are all interconnected to a spiritual mass that is present for us to tap into at any moment.

Serpentine minerals have a harmonious connection with our heart center and assists in bringing our truest desires to life. This will help in our ability to love and display compassionate emotions. Serpentine minerals aid in the release of useless emotions that may feel as though they are binded or glued to our beings. It will feel extremely difficult to let go of these feelings if you still feel as though you were wronged. Serpentine minerals will act as a dissolvant to release these sticky emotions. Once they have been lifted, the relief will be worth all of the hard work. We must learn to love ourselves before we can begin to spread love into this world. A final lesson that Serpentine aids to teach us is the residual effect of promoting love in even the darkest of spaces around us.

Serpentine is a gemstone that possesses unusual healing powers and properties. Its likeness to a snake or a serpent is something that many people have been mistaken for. They thought that this stone brought dark omen, jinx, bad juju. However, this stone is one of the best in terms of its therapeutic properties. Learn more about its healing properties as you read along.

Practice it to aid you to seize to the root of anything that’s bothering you. It’s additionally the ideal gem to assist in healing your mind from relationship trials, regardless of the lack of loyalty, partner, or anyone you formerly accorded a connection with. It besides improves you to prepare your soul and unwind into relationships anew.

Serpentine is calming to the emotional essence, enabling you to clear your doubt of change and sorrow so that you can glance forward to tomorrow with energy and enthusiasm. It prompts you of the meaningful period that the environment has determined against the comparably brief time humankind has populated this world. This viewpoint can aid you to feel selfless and more ready to contribute experience and service according to what is necessary rather than concentrating only on individual intentions.

Serpentine alleviates mood changes and is soothing in events of sensitivity and anxiety. It preserves you from conflicting energy forces. This gem also supports women who are powerless to approach orgasm due to extreme pressure.

Serpentine is valuable for therapists. It serves as a curative mental instrument to relieve emotional tension. This gem benefits you from getting connected with specific measures to unite circumstances and sensations into your presence.

It assists you in keeping your consciousness concentrated on assertive views. This gem evokes knowledge of unenthusiastic ideas to clear them and succeed quickly with genuine thoughts.

In addition, Serpentine can assist you to be less susceptible to the ideas, observations, or beliefs of other people. It can also aid you to appear more assured and less endowed in acquiring unnecessary applause or recognition. Serpentine is a gem of self-reliance. It induces a feeling of security, spurring you to travel into different domains and communicative groups without uncertainty or hesitation.

​Serpentine helps you get more in the direction of your course, and it alters profound and insensitive shortcomings. It assists with the purposive way of healing forces to predicament stretches. Serpentine absolves emotional burdens. If put on the neck, it will encourage you to study yesterday’s events and talk about them with other people.

Serpentine promotes efforts at stabilizing your metabolism. While observing your consumption management and heeding to each therapeutic guidance you have undergone, check into your knowledge to open what you might discover troublesome to take, actually and metaphorically.

It is a magnificent cleansing gem, and it purifies the blood and the entire body. Serpentine eradicates bacteria and parasites, promotes calcium and magnesium intake, cures hypoglycemia and diabetes, and assists with endurance and durability. It aids with anxiety alleviation, is incredibly powerful, and is reliable. This gem can help in cellular restoration and replenishment of your strength levels.

Serpentine assists individuals with disruptions to the heartbeat, organ, and abdomen ailments, and persistent costiveness and constipation. It also coordinates over-acidification and incites the blood circulation in the body. This gem will also ease muscle cramps.


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