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Hypnotic Entrance


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Smithsonite helps to relax an overactive mind during all kinds of conflicts – relationships, work, and legal issues. It brings peace, calmness, and tranquility to an agitated mind.

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Smithsonite helps to relax an overactive mind during all kinds of conflicts – relationships, work, and legal issues. It brings peace, calmness, and tranquility to an agitated mind.

Smithsonite is a powerful stone that is here to soothe your mind and calm your emotions. It helps one refresh their emotional body and helps in the revaluation of the situations causing distress. Smithsonite pushes one’s mind into a state of clarity when emotions may feel overwhelming. This crystal pushes one to find a resolution to move forward from any and all negative situations. By helping one achieve clarity of mind, one may soon begin to ask themselves, “Is it truly worth it?”. The amount of energy needed to continue holding grudges and arguments is overwhelming for even the strongest person, and can not be held onto when trying to move forward. Once one has accepted that, only then will one know the true effects of the mighty Smithsonite stone.

This stone is the perfect ally to help one combat anxiety, depression, low energy, and shyness. Smithsonite provides one with an inner reflection and helps bring out a deep strength that one may not know existed. Showing one the power they have within can help in finding the confidence and self-esteem to push forward through life’s most challenging obstacles. We recommend anyone who has hypersensitive emotions or recovering from an emotional wound carry a piece of Smithsonite with them daily. Let the nourishing and rejuvenating vibrations imbue your aura each day!

Meditating with Smithsonite with not only help calm one’s emotions but also activate and unlock psychic abilities hidden within. Placing a piece on your third eye or crown chakra will help with astral travel, heightened intuition and intellect, enhanced awareness, and clarity & vividness of dreams.

The healing energies of Smithsonite are known to be good for childbirth and in the treatment of infertility.

This stone can also build up your immune system, support your digestive system, and restore your veins and muscles.

It can activate the thymus, clear your sinuses, and aid in the treatment of alcoholism and osteoporosis.

It can also be very beneficial when it comes to skin breakouts and infections.

Smithsonite is a good stone to have, especially if you’re convalescing from a long illness.

It’s also an excellent stone for reducing your cravings when you’re quitting a habit or undergoing detoxification.

This stone will also help strengthen your leadership abilities. It will show you how you can communicate effectively and speak tactfully when required.

The energies of this stone will also inspire you to build trust with the people that you work with or do business with.

You will enjoy a harmonious relationship that will not only result in high productivity but also in prosperity and abundance.

Smithsonite will influence you to take a calmer and more practical approach when it comes to things that affect your business or finances.

If you’ve just recently ended a relationship or had your heart broken by someone you love so much, the energies of Smithsonite will get rid of the residual feelings of hurt, humiliation, confusion, anger, bitterness, or loss.

It will support you as you go through your period of healing.

You will be able to release your pain, fear, sadness, or anger. You will be able to face another day with hope in your heart and confidence that you will soon be okay.

Smithsonite’s loving and healing energies will remind you that you are worthy of loving and being loved.

It will reassure you that whatever you desire in love will come to you if you will just be patient and remain hopeful.

Smithsonite will show you how you can nurture relationships. It will teach you how you can celebrate your love and strengthen it with every year that passes.

This stone will demonstrate how you can strengthen your friendship with your partner so that you can enjoy a more loving and lasting relationship.

When friendship is the foundation of your relationship, you will remain friends and work together as a team to make your relationship work.

Smithsonite will help you when you need to settle disputes because it will give you the gift of peace and diplomacy.

You will always have a good word to say, and you will never say something that you will regret in the end.

The energies of this stone will encourage you to bank on the strengths of your partner and your relationship. You will not focus on the weaknesses and the shortcomings.

This stone will help you rebuild trust and reestablish the safety, security, and stability of your relationship.

Smithsonite will help you heal from your emotional trauma and release all the negative feelings that you are still holding on to in your heart.

You will have the freedom and the courage to let go and finally move on.

Smithsonite will inspire you to open your heart to love again, and to look forward to the future where you will be happy and loved.

It will reassure you that just because you’ve had a string of failed relationships doesn’t mean that you will never have the love that you’re looking for.


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